Anti-ICE Protestors

Brandon Vogt on Anti-ICE Protestors

Social Media Blocking

Brandon Vogt on Social Media Blocking

2020 Demo Primaries

Brandon Vogt on 2020 Demo Primaries

Joe Biden and Segregatists

Brandon Vogt on Joe Biden and Segregatists

Iran Situation

Brandon Vogt on Iran Situation

US/Mexico Immigration Deal

Brandon Vogt on US/Mexico Immigration Deal

5% Mexican Tariffs

Brandon Vogt on 5% Mexican Tariffs

AG Barr Investigation

Brandon Vogt on AG Barr Investigation into the origins of Russia Probe

AG Barr Contempt

Brandon Vogt on AG Barr being held in contempt of Congress

ABQ giving 250K to Illegals

Brandon Vogt on ABQ giving 250K to Illegals

NM using Tax Dollars for Illegals

Brandon Vogt on NM using Tax Dollars for Illegals

MSM Anti Semitism

Brandon Vogt on MSM Anti Semitism

Felons Voting

Brandon Vogt on Felons Voting

Spying on Trump

Brandon Vogt on Spying on Trump

Slave Reparations Bill

Brandon Vogt on Cory Book Slave Reparations Bill

Joe Biden Touching Women

Brandon Vogt on Joe Biden Touching Women

NM Open Senate Seat

Brandon Vogt on NM Open Senate Seat

Mueller Probe

Brandon Vogt on the Mueller Probe

NM & 2nd Amendment

Brandon Vogt on NM and the 2nd Amendemnt

Electoral College

Brandon Vogt on the Electoral College

Senate Block Emergency Declaration

Brandon Vogt on Senate Vote to Block Emergency Declaration at Border

Pelosi Impeachment Comments

Brandon Vogt on Pelosi Impeachment Comments

Congress's Anti-Semitism Resolution

Brandon Vogt on Congress's Anti-Semitism Resolution

Largest Tax increase in NM History

Brandon Vogt on the largest tax increase in NM History

Trump-Kimm Summit

Brandon Vogt on Trump-Kimm Summit Vietnam

MLG and 2nd Ammendment

Brandon Vogt and the Second Ammendment

Jussie Smollett Hoax

BV Now on the Jussie Smollett Hoax

Border Wall Funding

BV Now on the Border Wall Funding

El Paso MAGA Rally

BV Now on the El Paso MAGA Rally
February 2019

State of the Union 2019

BV Now on the State of the Union 2019

Late Term Abortions

BV Now on Late Term Abortions Across the Nation

Roger Stone Indictment

BV Now on the Roger Stone Indictment

Postponing the State of the Union

BV Now on Postponing the State of the Union

Border Wall Compromise & DACA

BV Now on a Border Wall Compromise & DACA

National Emergency

BV Now on a National Emergency for the Border

Bill O'Reilly

BV Now with Bill O'Reilly on Border Wall & Trump, Pelosi and Schumer dust up

"Trump's Enemies"

BV Now with David Bossie "Trump's Enemies"

George HW Bush

BV Now on the Death of George HW Bush

Tim Allen

BV Now with Tim Allen

GM Layoffs

BV Now on GM Layoffs

AG Sessions Firing/Acosta WH Pass Revoked

BV Now on AG Jeff Sessions Firing and the CNN Jim Acosta White House Press Pass revoked

2018 Midterms

BV Now on the 2018 Midterms

Sheriff David Clarke

BV Now with Sheriff David Clarke on ANTIFA and the Caravan

Bill O'Reilly

BV with Bill O'Reilly, comments on Illegal Immigration, and Megyn Kelly

Anchor Babies and the 14th Amendment

BV on Anchor Babies and the 14th Amendment

Cesar Sayok in Custody

BV on Cesar Sayok in custody

Caravan at the Border

BV on Caravan coming to the US Border

Saudi Arabia Hit on Reporter

BV on Saudi Arabia Hit on Reporter

Kavanaugh Confirmation

BV on Justice Kavanaugh’s confirmation to Robert Bork’s rightful seat to the Supreme Court